A State-Of-The Art Educational Program For Children With Autism

Garden Academy provides educational services to students ages 3- to 21-years old from North and Central New Jersey. Our program is full-day, year-round with a 1-to-1 staff ratio. All aspects of the program at Garden Academy are derived from the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and are highly individualized to address specific needs of each student.

For some learners this has meant going on to be fully-mainstreamed with the expectation of leading a truly independent life.  For others the challenges may be greater, but our specialized educational program has helped our students acquire skills and capabilities that once seemed impossible.


Hands-On Leadership

Our limited enrollment — under 40 students — assures our learners high levels of access to Garden Academy’s clinical leadership.  Our Clinical Director, Danielle Gureghian, joined us in January 2014 after completing her doctorate at the prestigious University of Kansas ABA program. Dr. Gureghian — combined with the well-respected members of our Board of Professional Advisers — provide a powerful depth of knowledge and experience that is focused on our learners.


Expertise In Every Classroom: 

Every classroom at Garden Academy is led by a professional with an average of nearly 10 years clinical experience, all with Masters or Post-Masters degrees (as of Dec 2013). The backbone of our program, however, are the one-on-one instructors who work individually with our students day-in and day-out. Most of these instructors have or are working to complete their Masters Degree — but even more importantly, our extensive ongoing professional training program assures these professionals deliver a truly effective educational program.


An Unwavering Commitment To Our Learners: 

Garden Academy was founded by parents in response to the critical shortage of appropriate services for children with autism. Our commitment to our students is demonstrated by the expertise we bring into our classrooms, the systematic training we provide to parents to help generalize skills into the home and community, as well as our research initiatives to help improve the state-of-the-art to benefit our students and others.


Program Highlights: 

Garden Academy Is accredited to serve individuals with autism ages 3-21. We offer a full-day (6 hours) / full-year program. The model requires a 1:1 staff to student ratio in order to achieve an effective educational program for each student. Educational programs are individualized to address specific deficits in the areas of communication, socialization and adaptive behaviors.

Program emphasis is on language acquisition, social interaction self-help skills, pre-academic and academic skills, play skills and the decrease of maladaptive behaviors. All aspects of the program at Garden Academy derive from the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Pedagogical technologies employed include, but are not limited to: Discrete trials, incidental teaching, video and audio modeling, shaping, scripting and script fading procedures and peer modeling. Generalization procedures are implemented as part of the program to ensure maintenance of skills across people and environments.We also provide hands-on, clinical training to staff professionals on an ongoing basis to ensure the best possible outcomes for each student.

In addition, Garden Academy provides training support to parents and other family members so that skills learned in school can be generalized to the home and community. Garden Academy recognizes the need for students to be in the least restrictive environment in which they can learn. When appropriate, we provide transitional support to our students throughout their educational careers.

*Note: It would be impossible to adequately explain our program on a website. The information on our site and on related links is intended to provide a general background.