Requests For Placement

Garden Academy is currently accepting RFPs (Requests for Placement) for our waiting list.  Interested parties are encouraged to attend an  open house to learn more about our school and enrollment process.  

When there is an opening at Garden Academy we consider students who are already on our “waiting list” — those who have already submitted a request for intake —  but also strive to reach out to the broader community in order to make others aware  of this opportunity.

In making our selection we consider the needs of the students we already have as well as the needs of referred children.  Children are not enrolled on a “first come, first served basis” and we cannot accommodate all those seeking a placement at our school.

To make a request for intake, you will need to send the following materials to Garden Academy:

1. A completed Contact Information Sheet  

 2. A copy of the initial report of the child’s diagnosis

3. A brief video of the child

4. A one or two page cover letter that describes the child and also includes the following information:

-  Date of birth

 - Classification

 - Contact information for the school district and case manager

 - Your return address

 - A summary or bullet point list of the type of services he/she is currently receiving


Send completed form and other materials to:

Garden Academy
Attention:  Intake
627 Mount Pleasant Avenue
West Orange, NJ 07052

Garden Academy admits students without regard to race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all rights privileges, programs and activities made available to students at the school.