The following is a partial list of articles and publications developed by Garden Academy faculty, staff and professional alumni, often in collaboration with other leaders in the field of autism education:

  • Establishing stimulus control of mands for items and mands for information in children with autism.   The Analysis of Verbal Behavior. (In press)  Somers, A. S., Sidener, T. M., DeBar, R. A., & Sidener, D. W.
  • Stimulus -stimulus pairing of vocalizations:  A systematic replication. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior. (In press)Rader, L., Sidener, T. M., Reeve, K. F., Sidener, D. W., Delmolino, L., Miliotis, A., & Carbone, V.  (in press).
  • An evaluation of the  number of presentations of target sounds during stimulus-stimulus pairing trials.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 45, 809–813.  (2012)  Miliotis, A., Sidener, T. M., Reeve, K. R., Carbone, V., Sidener, D. W., Rader, L., & Delmolino, L. <More>
  • Manipulation of motivating operations and use of a script-fading procedure to teach mands for location to children with language delays.Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 44, 943-947 (2011).  Howlett, M. A., Sidener, T. M., Progar, P. R., & Sidener, D. W. <More>
  • Response interruption and redirection as treatment for vocal stereotypy in children with autism:  A systematic replication.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 44, 169-174. (2011)  Cassella, M., Sidener, T. M., Sidener, D. W., & Progar, P. R. <More>
  • Evaluating a stimulus control fading procedure to teach indoor rock climbing to children with autism.  Behavioral Interventions, 26, 1-22. (2011)  Kaplan, H., Sidener, T. M., Reeve, K. F., & Sidener, D. W.<More>
  • A comparison of concurrent video modeling and video priming approaches to teach play skills to children with autism.  Education and Treatment of Children, 33 , 421-442. (2010)  Sancho, K., Sidener, T. M., Reeve, S. A., & Sidener, D. W.<More>
  • Effects of behavior-specific and general praise on acquisition of tacts in children with pervasive developmental disorders.  Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 5, 666-669. (2010)  Stevens, C., Sidener, T. M., Reeve, S. A., & Sidener, D. W. <More>
  • Generalization of relational matching to sample in children.   The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 22, 171-181. (2006)  Sidener, D.W., & Michael, J. <More>
  • A beginner’s overview of joint control: An elaboration of Lowenkron’s model of joint (stimulus) control.  The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 22, 119-122. (2006).  Sidener, D.W.
  • Functional analysis and habit reversal treatment of tics.  Behavioral Interventions, 20, 185-202. (2005)  Carr, J. E., Sidener, T. M., Sidener, D. W., & Cummings, A. R.

Current Research

  • Increasing motivation of children with autism to engage in social interactions
  • Implications and applications of Joint (Stimulus) Control
    • Behavioral mediation of complex and/or delayed performance
    • Mediated manded stimulus selection
  • Antecedent control of word usage

Manuscripts in Preparation

  • Behavioral Mediation of Delayed Matching to Sample., Sidener, D. W., Michael, J., Carr, J. E. & Petursdottir,
  • A.Evidence for Stimulus Control of Word Usage in Semi-Structured Interviews.  Sidener, D. W.
  • Delayed Matching to Sample Performance in Adults.  Sidener, D. W.
  • Teaching Preposition Labels by Contriving Conditioned Establishing Operations.  Sidener, D. W.