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Garden Academy Published Research:

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Garden Academy’s research and dissemination efforts are touching lives far beyond our school.

Garden Academy is committed to improving the state of the art in autism treatment through research and dissemination of best practices.

Our faculty, staff and professional alumni  have published numerous journal articles,  delivered dozens of  presentations at national and international professional conferences and have served on the Editorial Board and as Guest Editors of leading professional publications.

Recently over 200 professionals attended a presentation by Garden Academy at ABAInternational Conference on the Utility and Ubiquity of Joint Control:  Making Use of Joint Control In Teaching.   In addition   the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis published an article by Garden Academy professionals on  Response Interruption and Redirection For Vocal Stereotypy in Children with Autism.

Two other articles are due to be published shortly —   Establishing Stimulus Control Of Mands For Items and Mands For Information In Children With Autism,  as well as  Stimulus -Stimulus Pairing Of Vocalizations:  A Systematic Replication.  (Both in The Analysis of Verbal Behavior.)

Current research areas include increasing the motivation of children with autism to engage in social interactions, antecedent control of word usage and  implications and, applications of joint (stimulus) control.