Applied BehaviorAnalysis

“Years of research demonstrated the efficacy of applied behavioral methods.” – U. S. Surgeon General

Applied Behavior Analysis  (ABA) has been recognized as effective by The U. S. Surgeon General, The American Academy of Pediatrics, The National Institute of Health, and many others. Behavior AnalysisABA* is the term used to describe the real world applications of the scientific study of human behavior to produce constructive learning and skill acquisition.

ABA uses the concept of positive reinforcement to teach skills to children with autism.  Skills are broken down into smaller components and taught one at a time until mastered. This provides a solid foundation for each skill set that increases its chances of becoming successfully integrated into the child’s repertoire.  Data is taken to track the child’s skill level and rate of acquisition. In this manner, more objective outcomes can be attained.

In some studies** early intensive ABA therapy has enabled up to 40% of children diagnosed with autism can go on to attend regular education classroom – an outcome that once would have been considered impossible.

Garden Academy was founded in response to a critical shortage of appropriate ABA services. Appropriate ABA services remain in critically short supply, however, and through our professional training and awareness efforts Garden Academy is working to address that shortage for more learners with autism

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*It would be impossible to adequately explain ABA on a website. The information on our site and  on related links is intended to provide a general background.